The 50th Conversational English Botosani

This Wednesday, the 18th of December , at 7 pm, there will be the 50th Conversational English meeting in Botosani, at Wenge Pub&Caffe (next to Eminescu high school). The moderator for the evening is Razvan, me 😀
We will talk about relationship, connections between couples, about the types of relationships and your point of view about them.

See you all this Wednesday! 🙂

The event on Facebook is here.

General info:
The English conversational meetings are a great opportunity for those who want to improve their English conversation skills while making new friends and having fun!

Mark your calendars and agendas that every Wednesday, at 7 pm, you’ll take one hour break from your daily routine by joining our meetings. Here you’ll meet new interesting people, you’ll improve your English skills, you’ll have great conversations, and you’ll be amazed of how many new things you learn.

We meet once a week to practice English in some informal place, like a cafe, bar, someones place, park, etc. Everyone is invited! It’s for free! If you have friends interested, please invite them as well. All beginner, intermediate and advanced learners of all ages are welcome. 🙂


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